About Go Ballroom Team Activities

Employer organisations look for team activities for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is to reward staff. At other times it's to build a collection of individuals into a working group. This may be either to bring together a new team or break down barriers within an existing team.

At Go Ballroom we specialise in using Ballroom, Latin American Dance, and other dance styles as a medium for teambuilding. Our events require no previous knowledge or skill; everyone can take part - and it isn’t at the mercy of our weather!

You may already have tried alternatives. But what meaningful team outcomes can really be achieved from crashing into each other in go-karting, bruising team mates with paint-balling, or running around in the dark shooting each other with a laser?

Dance is symbiotic. Through dance you can diminish self-consciousness and shyness, build self esteem and confidence, and banish inappropriate and unproductive social barriers between staff. Colleagues will strengthen their relationships and build skills as they listen, learn, persevere, and encourage each other in a relaxed, fun environment which is suitable for all irrespective of age, sex, or background.

At Go Ballroom we can also help you with ideas on venues for your event, provide stunning performances from professional dancers, and exceptional music solutions.